Places to See in Amsterdam

amsterdamThere is nothing like a canal cruise that can take you along the breathtaking places of tourist interest in the city of Amsterdam. This is because of the fact that the city is a conglomeration of more than 65 islands separated by several canals. The beauty of these canals consists in the fact that they are connected by many bridges much to the delight of the traveler.

Amsterdam is home to two of the oldest universities in Europe, namely, the University of Amsterdam and the Free Reformed University. These were founded in 1632 and 1880 respectively. The famous Dutch painter Rembrandt was born here and this city holds several museums that display the spectacular works of the artist much to the delight of the art lovers that visit the city from different parts of the globe. It is said that Amsterdam is home to more than 40 museums. This only shows the cultural background of the great city of Amsterdam.

The National Museum in the city houses several masterpieces of Rembrandt and Jan Vermeer along with the works of several other Dutch painters. Oude Kerk is considered one of the oldest churches in the whole of Europe. It is located in the city of Amsterdam. Tens of thousands of tourists visit this church to have a glimpse of its lovely bell tower and the attractive stained glass structures. This church was built in 1306. Another famous church called the New Church built in the 14th century is a fine landmark of the city of Amsterdam in the sense that it attracts tourists by virtue of its Renaissance style of architecture.

The famous zoo in the city attracts both the young and the old alike. This zoo houses more than 6000 animals and has a planetarium in it. The Royal Palace is another interesting place of tourist interest in Amsterdam. This palace was the official residence of Louis Bonaparte. Tourists to the city would never fail to pay a visit to the Amsterdam Historic Museum in order to have a glimpse of the city maps and other historic drawings connected with the development of the city.