Know More About Paris Museums

paris-musuemsParis is home to some of the historic museums in the continent of Europe. Historians and numismatists have an excellent museum to visit in the shape of the Museum of Coins and Medals in Paris. This museum abounds in coins and medals that can tell you about the history of the French from 300 BC to the present period. Hence this museum is considered a unique museum in the whole of Europe.

If you are a lover of Pablo Picasso and his works then you would have every reason to feel happy about your visit to the famous Picasso Museum in the city of Paris. This museum houses more than 2000 works of the great artist in the form of paintings, sculpture, drawings and collages. Two other important museums of Paris are the Museum of Anthropology and the Museum of Cinema. You can find some of the replicas of the finest French architecture in the famous National Museum of Monuments. It is interesting to know that most of these monuments were built between 10h and the 19th centuries.

If you want to know the history of Paris right from the period of Henry IV then you should not hesitate to pay a visit to the popular Musee Carnavalet. Musee Grevin is yet another popular museum in Paris. It is a museum that resembles the famous Madame Tussaud Museum in London. Musee Grevin is a wax museum. Musee D’Orsay is a splendid museum that has a wide collection of paintings created by the artists of France. You can find innumerable works of Van Gogh and Manet here that depict the culture and the sentiments of the Impressionist and the post-impressionist schools of art. Some rare medieval artifacts including ceramics and enamels can be seen in the Musee De Cluny in the city of Paris. It is indeed true that visitors to Paris revel in viewing each of the museums mentioned above.