First Class Travel

first-class-travelFirst class travel is without a doubt the most comfortable way to get from one place to another. There are several advantages that are well worth paying for; having a relaxing trip, particularly when flying, usually sets the tone for a vacation or business trip.

First class travel provides both physical comfort and superior service. When you are flying first class there will usually be separate lines for first class passengers and often, a special lounge where you can wait until it’s time to board your flight. First class passengers are allowed to board first and you’ll be afforded more storage space than coach class passengers.

When flying first class, the seats are wider and have more padding. That means a lot on long trips! You have a tray that unfolds from the side and a place next to your seat to put items you might want or need to work with. There is no middle seat and you have much more leg room than coach.

One of the best things about first class travel is also one of the worse—it’s very costly. However, that means that you are not likely to have to listen to distressed children or be bothered by unsupervised toddlers during your trip.

When you are flying first class get better food, beginning with a warm towel to clean your hands and real china and flatware instead of paper and plastic. While coach gets a stale sandwich of mystery meat with a bag of chips you’ll be tucking into lamb chops or a steak with side dishes and dessert. You can also enjoy unlimited drinks of your choice.

You can often save money by upgrading to first class on the same day of travel. If they have room they will upgrade you for as little as $75 depending on the airline. You can also buy an upgrade with miles you’ve accumulated. Sometimes you can ask for an upgrade and get it because the flight has been overbooked; airlines would rather have a happy passenger in first class than an angry one that got bumped and will never use that airline again.