Affordable Travel

affordable_travelAffordable travel is important but it’s not as difficult as you would think. Most people think that saving money on travel takes a lot of time and effort but there are many quick, simple thinks you can do to save money while not sacrificing the quality of your experience.

With all the new fees applicable to traveling, especially by air, you’ll save money if you keep your luggage to a minimum. You can do that by packing differently, such as rolling your clothing instead of folding. Rolled clothing takes up less space so you can take more with the added benefit of being wrinkle-free if you do it carefully. Take advantage of the amenities at your destination to avoid packing hair dryers, curling irons, clothing steamers and similar items.

You should also look into medical and travel insurance, particularly if you’re on a vacation that includes a lot of physical activity. One accident can cost you tens of thousands without the proper insurance, particularly if you’re in a foreign country.

Book your flight well in advance and be flexible on your travel dates. You can often save a lot of money on flights with connections; they are inconvenient but considerably less costly than direct flights. If it’s a long trip consider a night flight so you can sleep on the plane and save a night’s lodging price. You might also consider a bus—security checks plus flight time is often as long or shorter than a bus ride. You can sleep on the bus or enjoy the scenery.

Check with your employer to see if there are company discounts on rental cars, hotels, or airlines. You can often save a lot with these discounts. Also, think about renting a room in a nearby town rather than a large metropolis and save at least half on your room. If you stay somewhere with a refrigerator you can save on meals. Also, having a big lunch and a light dinner will save money; the same foods are often twice the price in the evening.

Finally, look into all-inclusive packages that cover all the costs of your stay including gratuities. These packages can save you hundreds and you’ll have a lot less to worry about.